People with special needs
Offering supportive classes for people ranging in physical, cognitive, and emotional needs, with a focus on setting everyone up for success. 
Students grow and practice life skills in an engaging and relaxing atmosphere, encouraged
to enjoy uplifting time together. 
Providing learning-centered, developmentally appropriate programs for youth of all ages through positively framed, clear, trust-oriented communication and expectations. 
Students are offered unique and interesting 
opportunities for involvement at gradated levels of safety and challenge. Helping students to develop positive associations with new tastes and ingredients is
prioritized throughout the planning and execution of programs.
Supporting groups of all ages in connecting through meaningful tasks and shared goals. Recipes and activities are designed to equally include all involved in ways that simultaneously foster both safety and skill-building.
individuals faced with
Offering relevant programs to people who are managing extreme life circumstances, have highly restricted kitchen access, and who are balancing significant budget needs. Mobile, flexible, and immediately accessible ideas featuring nutrient-dense options are featured. Programs prioritize
and promote nonjudgmental, nourishing,
community-oriented experience.
Connecting new ideas with favorite flavors for events that keep the wisdom, needs, and skills of experienced elders at the forefront. Customizable, practical recipes and suggestions are featured.
Inclusive in nature, programs are designed for and offered to anyone in need of a solution in the kitchen and/or a reconnection to the cooking process. The following communities reflect essential areas of experience and interest, 
and are at the heart of the Honeypie Cooking approach. 
"Homemade for all of the Honeypies, and that means you!"
People amidst recovery, grief, and healing processes
Supporting self- and community- nurturing through restorative 
programs. Offerings emphasize the naturally therapeutic elements of preparing nutritious, comforting food from
scratch. A safe and soothing space is prioritized.